Monday, March 17, 2014

Up A Tree, With A Book: inspiration for writing and keeping books in print!

Want inspiration for your next YA novel? Do you measure success by your book's ability to secure passion and commitment in your audience?

Think of your young readers this way: up a tree, with a good book and worried that the fifth book in the series marks the end, because then they're hollering, "Now what will  I read!?!" 

Some kids today have everything at their finger tips so we tend to believe only in the stats that say books are competing with other games and technologies, including books of the e-kind; Kindle etc. 

BUT - no one ever wanted to smell their flat-as-glass screen when a new text was being down loaded. Even when we're laying down with the digital box, who really snuggles technology the way we do when we have the texture and weight of our latest literary conquest in print, and in our hands, propped on our chests or leaned on our thighs? There is flesh and bone, blood and heartbeat in holding an actual tome. 

I've personally never seen technology inspire kids to climb trees, to find Nature's nooks so as to selfishly savour  that which is totally wholesome.

And that, my friends, is why I am a die hard. I believe books in print will always be kewl, awesome sauce and wicked bad.

Above All,
Happy Writing, JJ

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