Sunday, August 6, 2017

UP A Tree, With a Good Book...

Think of your young readers this way: up a tree, with a good book and worried that the sixth book in the series marks the end, because then what will he do! 
All 6 Island Fiction titles are available as e-books at: 

or jump to Time Swimmer by Gerald Haussman, one of my all time favorite teen titles:

Or why not kick start August reading with:
Night of the Indigo by Michael Holgate which won a Silver Moonbeam Medal for "Teen Spirituality"

Pictured: Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy Jackson Photo credit and copyright: J. Johnson

What to read when Percy Jackson comes to an end?
Now young Caribbean readers have a series rich in speculative fiction sci-fi, fantasy, magical realism. Check out all 6 titles of the  Caribbean's first-ever teen series with cinematic writing that even reluctant readers will ask, "So, when's the movie coming out?"
Island Fiction novellas now available in e-book format:

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