Monday, January 9, 2012

Delroy in the Marog Kingdom - Book Trailer

Got Fans? Delroy's are showing up everywhere!

Island Fiction fans are showing up everywhere! This fan of Billy Elm's Delroy is in search of the Marog Kingdom. She may find herself  sitting too close to the river when she meets the mysterious River Mumma on the pages of the popular  tween novella. Watch out!
Fan in search of Delroy by the river!

  DELROY IN THE MAROG KINGDOM - Billy Elm "Delroy in the Magic Kingdom is worth more than one read - it is exciting, captivating and dramatic." Cherian Gordon, Caribbean Compass

It's a great idea to link online activity with a fun and relevant marketing strategy like  getting  fans to send  photos of themselves reading the book. Or better yet, reading the book with a background that is a familiar location for your characters, as in photo above.

The key is to help your fans find you and harness their purchasing power by directing them with as few clicks as possible to the action you need. e.g. to shopping cart; to; to a subscription for your newsletter; fan your Face Book etc. Through online marketing 30 fans can easily become 300 fans (wanting  to recommend your current book(s) and buy your next) by the end of the year, or month if you're really crafty and creative about it!

What  IF? got some marketing  gold like Billy Elm did? Get your
as yet unpublished sequel awarded by entering local, regional or international literary competitions!
Delroy and the Marog Princess  won a bronze medal and Best Intermediate Novelist in the Creative Writing Awards Ceremony, 2011 in Jamaica. 

Regrettably, there is no telling  when this novel will be published. The author may explore  self-publishing with print and e-book.  

Getting fans to pre-purchase e-books is one model with which all levels of  content publishers are having success online internationally. To meet the financial requirements of self publishing it's vital that your online presence has the necessary e-commerce set up. In some Caribbean territories this is not yet available, but if you have a trust worthy partner in one of the approved regions that may be just the ticket to get you started.

Be sure to do the maths and measure your expectations reasonably. Publishing windfalls are rare, though just as possible with talking frogs, duppies, time traveling turtles and blue skinned androgynous beings as with wizards and vampires, I'm sure!

Keep the faith and Above All -
Happy Writing,