Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Looking Up...

Above All,
Happy Writing,

I am convinced we are all on a spectrum from "Wounded" to "Recovering" Creatives.

Being creative and wounded seem to coexist as a part of our human condition.

Observation reveals that even as functional Creatives, we collude, propagate and inflict wounding on ourselves and other creatives.

Putting malice aside, (or perhaps even including it), if ignorance can be  simplified to the individual "ignoring what is within",  then who really can be 100% beyond its dark, sticky reach 100% of the time.

With this in mind, it is a  life-saving effort for sincere 'working' creatives to expect, even anticipate resistance.  And at least, to include the work of having to transcend it. The more insistent we are at our creative endeavours, no end of obstacles will arise both from within our own complex unconscious and outside; from others in our range of influence, and beyond.

SO, what to do with all these voices?

Nay-sayers will test your commitment. Give thanks, you will need the fortitude and perseverance.

Doubters will challenge your courage. Give thanks, you will find yourself on solid ground one day.

Critics will amplify your own concerns about your work. In gratitude, use their points of view to cover your blind spots, or affirm your clarity.

Haters will provoke the resurrection of authentic self-love; often just as you are sure Death is absolute. Celebrate that you are coming into your invincible wholeness.


If something 'sounds true' - feedback is a gift. Even if it's below the belt, focus on any nuggets worth sifting from the muck.


You will increasingly detect hidden agendas and respond maturely, learning to include your own best interest without sabotaging anyone else's.

As soon as you can, get over it and bless everything, because wrestling and defending wastes pure energy better invested into your passion.

Above all, keep writing, dancing, singing, cooking, inviting, playing, praying, deciding, experimenting, dreaming, photo-taker-outing, blogging, standing on your head, whatever…

One day, you're going to look up, and looking up you will be amazed at the clear and easy expanse of territory all around you. You will feel the ground you are standing on rise up to meet you and you will realise that you were always centred and strong in the midst of it all.

You will look up and know it is possible to applaud the successes of others from the stage of your authentic self-appreciation and you will know that you have recovered your own creative dignity
and see it as part of the inevitable human condition.

Your heart will open right where you are, and you will see where you  have come from and feel anticipation of the never ending spectrum of growth awaiting your exploration, and you will sense that the struggle was really an effortless ease, like breathing, and you will marvel at the miracle of co-creation that inspires us all.

And you may inspire someone just daring to look up...

someone wounded, and hopeful, recovering and doubting, just like you were.

And the nay sayers will still be nay sayers,
the doubters still doubters,
haters still haters

and they will all go on providing the manure and friction Creation needs to grow and flourish.

They may never even wonder "why" to answers you already know.


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