Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Caribbean Christmas Children's Content

If you're unpublished or just feeling generous enough to want to see/ share your work in print, this opportunity may be worthwhile. The rates aren't great, and the rights are broadly in the publisher's favour, but you do retain copyrights. I've cut to the chase here and only copied the payment schedule for you. Do click on link for full details. Caribbean Reads call for Caribbean Christmas content for kids is well thought out and promises to be a credible publication.
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CARIBBEAN READS CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Caribbean Christmas Children's ContentChristmas beach background


    CaribbeanReads and Jaxon Photography are committed to recognising that the work done by creative writers and artists is valuable. In this light we are offering a small compensation for material that is published in the book.
    • Stories and articles: 3¢ per final word count, $10.00 minimum
    • Poems: up to $1.00 per line; $10.00 minimum
    • Activities and recipes: $25.00 flat rate
    • Artwork: $100 for artwork accepted for the cover. Rates for other artwork will be determined based on the size and relevance of the material and will range from $25 to $50.
    • No other royalties will be paid
    • Payments will be made within 30 days of publication.
    • Currencies are in US dollars.
    You will be listed as the author or illustrator of your piece.  There will also be a listing with a brief biography of contributors. You’ll also receive one copy of the book. Additional contributor copies will be available at a discounted cost.

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