Friday, December 20, 2013

Anansesem: Broader, Better Conversations for Caribbean Children's Literature

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Broader, Better Conversations for Caribbean Children's Literature

Featured on as a part of a, Anansesem round table discussion, I comment on the theme by noting the top eleven things I think editors can do to have broader, better conversations that will positively influence Caribbean Children's Literature through publishing.

# 3...stop trying to motivate publishing and/or sales by lording a sense of moral duty towards readers who share, or don’t share our genre, culture, gender or ethnicity.

# 9. Understand our Caribbean markets are made up of reluctant readers of all ages, and determine to address cultural change in that regard; looking to the value of high concept, low text density and writing that conveys potency with brevity.

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Anansesem is a biannual (formerly triannual), "online-only" children's magazine. It was established in 2010 to encourage the writing and illustration of Caribbean literature for and by children. Anansesem is run by a dedicated team of volunteers from various Caribbean countries. The ezine invites submissions of Caribbean short stories, poetry and illustrations for children irrespective of geographical location. Submissions by Caribbean citizens get first priority. See our Submission Guidelinespage for more information.

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