Friday, September 13, 2013

SMALL AXE SALON a Caribbean platform for criticism - article link

CODEX LEGACY: The Soul Profit of a People (Published, Small Axe Salon)
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NALIS, P.O.S., Trinidad
Diego Martin, Trinidad
 "Comparing manuscript word counts between picture books and chapter books, between young adult (YA) novellas and adult novels, it is typical to dismiss our creations as “easier,” altogether “too easy” to be of sincere literary value and concern. Not completely unlike the promising West Indian novelist, however, a children’s book author also needs to be grounded in craft. To display any talent, we depend on the delivery of strong concepts conveyed through a biblical simplicity. Mastering the potency of brevity, too, is a challenge we share. Further, we must trust both illustrator and publisher, albeit at times with words as few as any toddler can speak. We too expect that the entirety of the final publication will fulfil and reveal the intention of the original intellectual property." 

(August, 2012, Small Axe Salon; 

CODEX LEGACY: The Soul Profit of a People; Joanne Gail Johnson)

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