Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sun Tv's SunZen and a Trini Pothound


"...I was scolded once for putting 'those kinds of people' on TV when I sought content from the grassroots in my country. Having had a longer than a short list of eye-opening experience and conversations during my decade in local television, I awoke from the illusion that we are living in freedom.
Broadcasting is simply a way of casting the net of an idea broadly with the hope of captivating audiences who will consume. So it inherently wields the seductive power not only of controlling financially, but  of managing any group of people ideologically.
Whether this is done consciously or not, the outcomes are the same.

We remain a self-alienated people who buy in to the momentary pleasures we are sold by the importing merchant class. This lack of willingness to see clearly and to endure discomfort for unified longer term goals, is only a trend of immaturity. In my mind both God and Change are inevitable. Good Orderly Direction (Julia Cameron) arises when a level of suffering previously endured is no longer  tolerated..."
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