Tuesday, May 29, 2012


CREATIVITY & THEPRIMRAY SCHOOL TEACHER - Where reading and writing begin!

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Creativity can be assessed. 
In my course, Creativity & The Primary School teacher we look at a wide range of definitions of creativity and use a multi-faceted assessment of four key characteristics: the ability to generate ideas, to dig deeper into ideas, to follow inner tuition (intuition), to courageously explore ideas that are apparently in direct opposition to your own. 
Through 8 three hour workshops, a number of non-academic exercises and projects are explored and are self assessed, peer assessed and facilitator assessed using my LEAP scale measurement. 
The primary aim of the course however is to increase awareness of ourselves as creators and to show that we are each and all creative without exception. While we study some Creativity theory and explore models of creativity, the intention is to provide practical opportunities for increasing personal experiencing. 
In this way creativity is not taught, but healed. 
Awakening teachers move from a vague sense of "But how creative am I?" to contemplating, " How am I creative?" This specific shift in consciousness potentially transforms their classroom teaching and the quality of time spent with the students under their care. 
By August 2012 two hundred teaching adults would have completed the course.
Regardless of systems of education, syllabuses and national agenda the individual impact is empowered, and may prove greater in our bid for authentic transformation.
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