Friday, December 5, 2008

Island Fiction - ALL NEW!

Island Fiction offers the kind of "I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE!" Caribbean books that reluctant Tween readers love!

WHAT IF! you could ride the Caribbean seas on the back of a turtle named Odysseus and out smart the gods with tall tales your Grandpa told you? Time Swimmer will take you there!
WHAT IF! your best friend was a sly mongoose named Peenuts and your destiny was to save the Kingdom of Ierie from crime and corruption? Escape from Silk Cotton Forest awaits you!
WHAT IF! your eleventh birthday was weeks away but the only gift you wanted was to find your Mom who mysteriously disappeared? Luckily your growing powers will protect you and the silver panman will lead you to the Legend of the Swan Island Children!
WHAT IF! you and your twin suddenly discovered that you could take a potion and jump through time, but that doing so could be fatal - and if you didn't risk it your Dad would die? The mystery of The Chalice Project is yours to solve.
WHAT IF! a dreadlocked warrior took you to meet a blue being who was neither man nor woman and they told you the entire universe had conspired to give you a job so important and that if you were unworthy of it many worlds and their inhabitants would come to an end? Night of the Indigo will enlighten you!
WHAT IF! What if you turned into a froglike creature only to discover that the life you hated as Delory the boy was the one you longed for more than the throne itself or anything else the Marog Kingdom had to offer?
Island Fiction, a series of novellas for tweens aged 10-15, invites you to explore the legend, sci-fi and fantasy of our Caribbean worlds. The cinematic scenes and enchanting characters will leave you asking your favorite authors for MORE WHAT IF! Island Fiction titles.

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