Monday, December 20, 2010

The Reviews Are In!

Here, in alphabetical order:

THE CHALICE PROJECT - Lisa Allen Agostini
"The Chalice Project  has a riveting storyline in a fast-paced plot filled with conflicts about respect for rules and people that every young reader can relate to in a novel."
Debbie Jacob, Caribbean Beat

"Delroy in the Magic Kingdom is worth more than one read - it is exciting, captivating and dramatic."
Cherian Gordon, Caribbean Compass

"Now that's what I call great writing; but don't take my word for it, read the book and see for yourself."
Cherian Gordon, Caribbean Compass

LEGEND OF THE SWAN CHILDREN - Maureen Marks Mendonca
"Mendonca had beautiful, elegant language reminiscent of good magical realism. The imagery is spectacular and the story very inviting."
Debbie Jacob, Caribbean Beat

NIGHT OF THE INDIGO - Michael Holgate 
(Silver Medal Moonbeam Award 2009 for teen spirituality)
"Nice first outing for Holgate and a must read for anyone who enjoys a break from the ordinary."
Dorsette Blackwood, Reggae News Agency

TIME SWIMMER - Gerald Hausman
"The book is fun to read, but it also raises engaging questions for discussion in a way that respects the ability of the young to think quite deeply when stimulated by questions that take them seriously."
Judith McCue, The Great Books Foundation                                                                                             
Happy Reading Adventures!

The only magic in selling books is marketing!

The publisher has put your story in print, but it is still your job to sell it!
Not what you wanted to hear, I know.

How much better it is though to understand the reality of the business of books.

The only magic behind the business of moving your books is marketing and that's up to you.

Here are three specific things you can do online:

1. Create a platform - set up a website / blog / Face Book page/ You Tube your book trailer and link them.

2. Buy/ secure as many versions of your name as a brand and the title(s) of your book(s) and  direct them to your site. Google your name and book title to investigate how easy or not it is to find you online - taking the above action helps.

3. Be sure to have a media section on your site - basically what other people say about you.  Collect quotes, reviews, comments, news articles, TV appearances and so on. And be sure to mention in every interview and article not only how fans can find you online  - but use the word "book" and its title often so people are reminded that there's a book to buy!

And it goes without saying, make sure you are real and sincere when you present yourself -  It is much easier to sustain  over time  than to upkeep an image.

Above all, happy writing!

Can you say what your book is about in one sentence?

 Work on it!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meaningful Books and SUN TV KIDS

You're invited to see my Meaningful Books Blog with SUN TV KIDS You Tube channel content of my book trailers.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Jamaican Gleaner reports: Increase Reading Programmes - Island Fiction Author, Helen Williams

Now for Western Union to put some copies of Delroy and other Island Fiction titles into the hands of Jamaican children.....??!!

Thanks for sharing all your great work Helen!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Philipsburg Jubilee Library - hook up
 (if link doesn't click through, cut and paste into your browser) 

Sending a 'post mortem' press release of my trip with photos, is a great way to say "Thank you", stay connected with contacts.

The Philipsburg Jubilee Library posted it on their web site too - so this means more  exposure locally and an opportunity for more online hits.

Taking some extra time for follow up, really adds up.

SEND in your Island Fiction news for posting on our Face Book forum!

The Daily Herald: Trinidadian Children's book author Joanne Gail Johnson visits St. Maarten schools

Have you got an opportunity to travel for work or play?

Then do some home work before you fly!

A few emails and phone calls can connect you with libraries, new media and local book shops. One contact will help you network with another and so on. It is well worth your while to take your book(s) with you and offer to  meet and greet / sign and/ or sell books/ host readings. This effort can go a long way in creating other opportuniites and boosting your book sales by enlivening your presence and connecting with (potential) fans.

If you haven't already joined the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators - DO! The networking opportunities, with over 20,000 members world wide are invaluable.